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We have retired as of January 2013 and are no longer accepting work. Information on this website is presented for historical and educational purposes only.


Click HERE to see Heather's photo essay tribute to our 20 years in business.



At this time we are not endorsing any alternate sources of our service.

The major suppliers of sleeving and rebuilding services are White Post Restorations (complete sleeve & rebuild) and Apple Hydraulics (sleeving only or complete sleeve & rebuild) both on the east coast, and Karp's Power Brake (sleeving only or complete sleeve & rebuild) in Southern California.




NOTE:  As our retirement schedule allows, we will add more information. We have a great number of photos, and descriptions of other types of cylinders, that may be of interest.


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Restoration of hydraulic brake and clutch components for antique and custom automobiles, trucks and other vehicles



After 20 years of serving your cylinder needs, and nearly 30 years in the work force before that, Heather and I are moving on to a new phase in our lives.

We will remain available in the unlikely event that warrantee service is needed. Please email before returning cylinders for warrantee work so we know to look for the box. Packages received without prior arrangement will be Returned to Sender unopened.

Our business email address will remain active indefinitely and will be checked regularly. Our replies may be delayed a few days if we are traveling.

We have enjoyed working with old car enthusiasts, industrial and agricultural equipment owners, military buffs, motorcycle owners, and others, and cherish the many friends we have made through this work.

Thank you!!!




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If my malignant polyp had not been found ten years ago, I would very likely have died from colon cancer.

I was on a two-year cycle for colonoscopies for several years. In 2010 my doctor decided to wait three years. Since one of my daughters has had a polyp, I will likely remain on a three-year schedule permanently.



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We now have in stock custom pistons for converting early Spridget master cylinders for use with disc brakes and/or later clutch slave cylinders. Visit our Spridget web page.


Visit our photo gallery!


Before and After photos--1927 Kissel cylinders



Gus Wilson Stories   Are you old enough to remember the Gus Wilson stories that appeared in Popular Science magazine from 1925 to 1969? Our friend Mike Hammerberg has spent many years collecting and transcribing these stories. For several years, we  provided space here at for Mike's labor of love. Mike has finished the job, and he and Gus now have their own site at


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Sierra Specialty Automotive

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FAX: (530) 283-4845

located in beautiful northeastern California

Gold Lake in the Lakes Basin near Quincy
Photo by Heather Way

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